Week 4 – Generosity

1. We are called to live a generous lifestyle. Giving is core to being a follower of Jesus.
In the Old Testament it was a requirement to give the first ten percent of everything.
Among many references are Malachi 3:10 & Proverbs 3:9

2. Jesus ups the standard at the Sermon on the Mount (Matthew 5-7). Many people therefore see a tenth as a great place to start.

3. We are not under law but grace but it’s clear that we need to live generously, giving freely and cheerfully. Everyone needs to decide in their heart what to give and be intentional about it.

4. You cannot have two masters.
Matthew 6:24
Matthew 13:22
Matthew 19:21
1 Timothy 6:10

5. Giving is not all about money.
It is about time, resources, grace, praise, thanksgiving, honour, being present and so much more.

6. Love is our motive. Giving should be an overflow of our hearts. Jesus loved us and gave everything He had!
1 Corinthians 13:3
John 13:34
John 15:12-13

Questions for Reflections

1. How important do you think giving is?

2. Have you ever thought about developing a giving strategy and being intentional about your giving?

3. Do you give out of guilt/complusion or from the overflow of your heart?

We’re better together!