Week 1 – The Bible


1. If you take text out of context, you are left with just a con.
2. What does it mean to them, us & me.
3. Pray, read, chew, pray and live it.

Scriptures Mentioned
2 Tim 3:16
Josh 1:8
Psalm 119:11
Psalm 119:105
Hebrews 4:12
Ephesions 6:17

John 5:39
Philipiians 4:13

Marilyn Hickey – Speak the Word, Think the Word, Do the Word! Her secret to success

Bible Memory Apps
Scripture Typer App

Bible Reading Plans
A whole bunch from bible.com. You can also check out your youversion app
Here’s some pdf’s you can print out. Lots of options.

Questions for Reflections

1. Do you think God’s command to Joshua (Josh 1:7) is relevant for us today?

2. Have you experience the battle to pick up the Bible and start reading?

3. Do you have a routine for getting into God’s word? A regular time or place?

4. How do you feel about memorizing scripture?

5. Is there something you could give up or or do less of (eg Facebook) to spend more time in God’s word?