If you were away for a couple of weeks, you may have missed the news that Pastors David and Janet are moving on from leadership in C3 Southern Beaches. They have been feeling like that God has some others things for them and whilst they are going to miss us and many things about our amazing church, they are also excited too about what God has for them next.

This coming Sunday we are celebrating and honouring them with a huge big party and a gift from all of us.

We would love it, if you would like to contribute to the gift and also bring a plate of food to share during the morning.

If you can deposit your gift and label it ‘gift’ as soon as you can, that would be extremely appreciated. The bank details are on our website here.

Can I also encourage you to perhaps write a note (handwritten would be awesome) of thanks to Janet and David, perhaps mentioning one or two things that they have done for you and what they have meant to you etc. Belle will collect them all on Sunday and give that to them as a gift during the service too.

Lastly we also have Vision Builders starting in a fortnight. So exciting to see what God is going to do in and through us!





















Chat soon and see you all on Sunday!

Glenn and Belle
C3 Senior Pastors