Ps Phil’s message on prayer on Sunday was a great reminder to us all of the importance and power of prayer. I love the phrase he brought to us ‘if we start our year on our knees, we will end on our feet’. 

I think most of us know the importance of prayer, yet many of us struggle with it from day to day. Just like we know it’s the right thing to eat healthy and exercise regularly. 

Personal trainers exist for a reason. In many ways we don’t really need them. We know what we should do. Go for a run, or set up a circuit of exercises, go for a swim or play a game of tennis. Yet the personal training and generally the fitness industry is booming. 

Personal trainers (and small fitness groups) are great for many reasons but the reason I’m focusing on this morning is that they motivate and inspire us. 

That’s what prayer partners and small prayer groups do for us too. We make a date and we keep it because others are relying on us. We are inspired by answered prayers and motivated by our friends to keep going. 

Personal trainers push us. ‘Cmon you have ten seconds left! Push as hard as you can’. Cue the countdown and the groans of pain in the last few seconds. 

Your prayer partner pushes you too. ‘Don’t give up ….. I remember when …… you can do it …. don’t forget how powerful prayer is!’ 

That’s what our prayer partners and groups should be doing. Sometimes we take turns in picking one another up. Taking turns in keeping our attitudes in check. Honouring, not complaining, giving thanks, rejoicing in the Lord always. 

Personal trainers keep things interesting. There’s no trainer that week after week just tells you to do 200 push ups. No, sometimes you box, sometimes numbers are drawn from a bag which represents different exercises, sometimes you go for a run on the beach or do team challenges. 

Keep prayer interesting too. Most importantly, let the Holy Spirit guide you in your praying! He is very creative and never boring. Boring only sets in when we do it the same way every time, with us being the leader. Always let God lead you as you pray. 

You can keep prayer interesting and powerful by praying through the scriptures. That’s what Ps Phil is saying we should do with Ephesians 3:14-21. That’s what I prayed for you this morning. We know we are praying in God’s will when we pray what we had already said in scripture.

You can pray through the temple model of prayer. I’ll teach on that another time soon. 

You can pray with or without music. With or without your prayer partner. You can pray in a particular spot, at the beach, go for a walk, close the door and lie down on your bed. Go through your contact list, pray on certain themes. The possibilities are endless, especially with Jesus! 

The Lord is so looking forward to hearing from you today. Not just to hear your needs and desires or even your prayers for friends and family, your church ministries and leaders, your not yet saved neighbour, but just to have intimacy with you! 

Bless you church! 

If you missed the message on Sunday, including Ps Phil’s great message, please take the time to check it out and put it into action.