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Name Above All Names – Ps Glenn Seddon

Overflowing Joy – Ps Glenn Seddon

Vision Builders Part 4 – Ps Glenn and Belle Seddon

Vision Builders Part 3 – Steve and Kim

Vision Builders Part 2 – Special Guest, Katrina Clout

Vision Builders Part 1 – Ps Belle and Glenn Seddon

Mission as Family- Ps Belle Seddon

Culture of Love – Ps Glenn Seddon

Extraordinary Miracle – Ps Glenn Seddon

Kingdom Culture – Ps Glenn Seddon

Stretch – Kim Watts

Being Content


‘Jeff’e Story’


‘Jesus Said’ – Pastor Belle Seddon


11 Reasons Why I’m not an Atheist (Part 3 or the Rocks Will Cry Out)


The Rocks Will Cry Out (Part 2) – Pastor Glenn Seddon


The Rocks Will Cry Out – Pastor Glenn Seddon


Indescribable – Louie Giglio


How Great is Our God – Louie Giglio


Vision Builders – Week 4 Pastor Glenn Seddon


Vision Builders – Week 3 Steve Waye


Vision Builders – Week 2 Pastor Murray


Vision Builders – Week 1 Pastor Glenn


Pastor Glenn – Leadership
















Generosity – Lance Hawkins, 22nd May 2016


Your Calling – Adam Debenham, 15th May 2016


Pastor Belle Seddon
Pray, Care & Share – Belle Seddon, 24th April 2016



Overcoming Negativity
Overcoming Negativity – Jen Irvine, 17th May 2016



Overcoming Depression – Janet Sykes, 10th April 2016



overcoming pic
Overcoming Anxiety – Glenn Seddon 3rd April, 2016