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The Rocks Will Cry Out – Part 1 Born to Worship
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New DNA Series at Church in Swansea

Our New Series Starts in March

Faith & Vision – 1/4/2017 (Pastor Glenn)





DNA Series – Prayer (Pastor Glenn)

You can also check out our e-discipleship week 2 which talks about prayer.

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Yada, Yada, Yada – 27th Dec 2016
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Grace, Sacrifice & Revival


Grace – God’s Riches at Christ Expense
Grace is not only, not getting what we deserve. It is getting what we don’t deserve. It is also Jesus getting what we deserved so we could have his reward.
Grace is God’s empowering presence

Law requires – Grace enables
Fulfilment of the law means acceptance – Grace, we live and breathe and work from a place or acceptance and rest because Jesus fulfilled the law.

Mannaseh & Ephraim – Genesis 48

Mark 9:29

Matthew 5:17-48
Matthew 28:19-20
John 13:34

Col 1:24-29
Phil 2:17

Sacrifice – we put the sacrifice on the altar, God brings the fire (1 Kings 16-46)
A list of historic Revivals

A Great Testimony from a few years back at Toronto in Canada

Also Check out Welsh Revival, Hebrides Revival, Azusa St Revival just to get you started.


Walk Like Enoch


Genesis 5:21-24

Hebrews 11:5-6


Faith is What Pleased God


We must believe :

  1. That He is God
  2. That He rewards those who earnestly seek Him

2 Corinthians 5:6-10



How do we walk with God?

Seek Him

Matthew 6:33Matthew 7:7-8


Follow Him 

Genesis 12:1

Psalm 119:105
Psalm 119:1-3
Psalm 119:10

Jude 20-23