Well, what an incredible year we have had so far!

Bushfires, covid-19 and online services and now back, face to face (woohoo!!) but with limitations of course.

Throughout all that has been happening and still happening, God has been faithful and guiding us and preparing us every step of the way.

Now a combination of in person and online services are continuing and God is blessing us and moving us into a deeper place with Him. We are considering having 2 services in the near future as God is blessing us with numerical growth and we are still limited to around 40 people for each service. What a great problem to have. We may temporarily solve that problem with a mezzanine very soon. We will keep you posted.

In the last few weeks, we have seen a number of salvations, a baptism, a bunch of new people join us at church, and one of our major outreaches, ‘The Rock’ has been going from strength to strength. A new connect group has also sprung up and there is a growing sense of expectation of what we will see the Holy Spirit do in and through us. And wow, what a great feel the last few weeks have had. Full house and full of faith!

About 3 weeks ago I felt the lord calling me to pray for our church! Of course I was praying before that, but felt a real sense of urgency and dedication was needed. I felt that I should pray twice a day for an hour and invite anyone who would like to join me to come along. Since then we have seen God do some amazing things and we are expectant that we will see increase upon increase. God is good and faithful and He is working powerfully. His presence was so beautiful and tangible this last Sunday.

Our Sunday night movie nights are back on this week, with the documentary ‘Holy Ghost – part 1’. The Finger of God trilogy was sooooo goood! Youth kicks off again the first Friday of the school term and a whole bunch of things are happening during the week. Some of those are spontaneous and some planned and organised from the team here at C3. Check out our facebook page or group messenger chat for various things happening throughout the week.

“With a mighty hand and outstretched arm, His love endures forever!” – Ps 136:12

Bless you guys!