Palm Sunday

What a great time of year to celebrate what Jesus has done for us on the cross. He took the punishment for our sin upon himself and gave us life and life to the full.

Tomorrow is what is traditionally known as Palm Sunday. The day we remember when Jesus rode into Jerusalem on a donkey as the victorious King. The people yelled out ‘Hosanna’ which is a praise statement translated as ‘Save us!’ The people were expecting Jesus to overthrow the Romans and liberate them.

A few days later almost all would desert Him. Perhaps they realised that He wasn’t that King that they thought He was after all.

He is risen!

Yet God had a plan. His plans are greater, bigger and more wonderful than ours could ever be. His plan was to liberate all people from the greater bondage of sin. Death was conquered by Jesus on that cross! The people were crying out for a saviour but they got a SAVIOUR!

What a great time of year to invite someone to church. Can I encourage you to pray about who to invite, pray for them and then just do it. We are praying that many receive Jesus this Easter in our region. Please join us in that!

Good Friday will be a combined service at the Baptist Church kicking off at 9am and our Easter Sunday service will be the usual time of 10:30am.

So bring a friend,  come early and get ready to see God work powerfully in and through you this Easter!

You are loved!

Glenn & Belle