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At C3 Southern Beaches we have a whole bunch of Connect groups that you could join. The reality is, that we can only deeply connect with a few people. We can get to know a whole bunch of people kind of well and then we basically have acquaintances. You might have 1000 friends on facebook, but most of those people you don’t know real well. And it’s not because we don’t want to get to know more people and not because we only like a few people. It’s just a simple matter of not enough time and relational energy to go deep with and journey with more than a handful of people.

Here’s where Connect groups come into it!
It’s a small group where you can connect on a deeper level than you would with the rest of the wonderful people at church.

When you join a Connect group you will get to know people and be known. You will care and be cared for, you will be discipled and you will help others grow in their walk with Jesus too.

Some meet once a week, some a few times a term. Some gather during the day and others at night.

There’s a connect group that is just right for you!
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