Hey church!

Well, what an amazing year it has been. We’ve moved into our new space, met a whole bunch of new people who have joined our family, had some amazing events, youth and kids has been awesome, we’ve gotten another new space and we’re working towards building our bouldering gym. All of this has happened in less than 12 months. Sometimes it’s hard to see week to week what God has been doing, but when we look back over just this year we can see that some amazing changes have taken place, people have received salvation, been encouraged and so much more!

Christmas is only a few days away and we are ready to party and celebrate the birth of our Lord Jesus. The team have been working hard behind the scenes, the carols are sounding great, the food is getting prepped and our space looks great.

There just one thing left that we need ….. you!

Our service starts this Sunday at 10:30am as usual followed by a time fun and food (lots of food) with our Christmas celebration lunch. If you are bringing something along and haven’t had a chance to, please let Sue know what you are bringing.

By the way there’s no church service between Christmas and New Years, so from Belle and I and the team we want you to know we are praying for you to have an incredible Christmas and a super blessed new year!

We also want thank all those that have given so much this year and tirelessly served. We want you to know that we see what you do and we are so thankful. I’m sure we don’t say often enough thank you, whilst we are in the trenches together we sometimes forget (we all do) to stop and say thanks. You know who you are and we are so blessed by your service.

We are so thankful to have you in our lives and we are looking forward to many great years of fun, friendship and encouraging one another in our faith journeys.

Bless you!
Ps Glenn and Belle and fam.

We’ve better together!