Well when it comes to August each year, I think, wow where has the year gone! This year has been no different, except it has been quite an unusual year for us all. I’m looking forward to be able to ‘do’ church a little more normal and even a few hugs here and there (mostly I’m not a touch kind of a guy).

As we head into August, it’s so exciting to be launching 2 new ministries. So along with our usual prayer and church services, connect groups and youth group we are about to launch …..

‘Salt’ – a mid-week gathering/church service for the over 50’s. Although I don’t yet fit into this category, I am so excited because I know that this is a going to be a powerful time of ministry, fun, friendship, a mid-week encouragment, a side door to the Kingdom and even powerful intercession for the rest of us. Expect God to show up and move powerfully in and through everyone who comes along. Chat with Katharyn for more info. We will be releasing the start date and time super soon.

And we are also launching a Kids Club on a Friday afternoon. How exciting! I know that this is something our community needs and will be an amazing place for kids and families to connect with us. So along with a story, some songs, a feed and games, they will get to do a craft or climb at the Rock! Cost will be $5 per family. More details and a start date to come. Come and see me for more details. Please start letting families know that this is coming up soon (next few weeks).

God is on the move. In just the last few weeks, 4 people at least that I know of, have been healed and we have connected with a whole bunch of new people.

Jesus loves you and so do we!

Ps Glenn and Belle
We’re Better Together